Wednesday, September 29, 2010

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Fall pickin’ in the orchard.


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

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leaves5x5 copy

Fall is in the air and the leaves are changing.

Are we ready for winter? I don’t think I am, but I am certainly enjoying this Indian Summer we are having!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

{CP Photo of the Day}


This town must have many happy citizens!

Graced the pages of……..

PhotoGrunt blog has posted a wonderful collection of photos on hiCoastalDream-copys blog.

It’s quite an inspiring post too.

Stop by and take a look at the amazing photos that include the word “ocean” in the tags.

Thank you PhotoGrunt for featuring Kalaloch Beach in your post!


If you are interested in purchasing this photo for you home of office, please check out our shop!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Treasure the Treasuries

Some lovely treasuries that my photos have been included in! Check them out and give ‘em some clicks:) Click on the treasury and it will link you to the site.image



Saturday, May 29, 2010

Shop of the Week - NovaScotiaBeachGlass


Summer Blue - A Seaglass necklace from Nova Scotia
This week, the Etsy Twitter Team is featuring NovaScotiaBeachGlass for our Shop of the Week. NovaScotiaBeachGlass is the creation of Lori Stewart who collects seaglass from the beaches of Nova Scotia. She hunts the beach with her black lab, Willow, looking for beach glass, seaglass, driftwood and any other treasures the sea might reveal to her. She turns these treasures into lovely works of wearable art: pendants and necklaces.
Lori told me that beach glass is also called seaglass or mermaid’s tears. "This collectible is formed after years of tumbling in ocean waves, softening the sharp edges of shards of broken glass. Sea glass originates from man-made trash - bottles or jars tossed overboard ships or dumped with other garbage into the ocean, where they would break into pieces and tumble around. Most sea glass found today dates before the mid 1960's (when plastics became the norm). A perfectly smooth piece may have been in the ocean for decades, even a century. Collectors value the glass for its beauty and the mystery of its history - whose hand might have held the original item? What story might the sea glass tell?"
Lori appreciates the history and romance of her chosen material. She says there is nothing so soothing as to handle seaglass. In addition to her interest in recycling the vintage seaglass, Lori also expresses her artistic nature using resin. While she is always experimenting with new designs, this year she would like to improve her jewelry photography.
Lori ships worldwide and the interest in her work is ever growing. "I've been asked to do a home several stores have expressed interest in displaying my necklaces." On the Twitter front, Lori likes to keep people interested by tweeting a little about everything...not just about Etsy and her shop.
Electric blue - A Seaglass necklace from Nova Scotia

NovaScotiaBeachGlass is offering
Free shipping for the month of May to
Canada and the US
Also, a sale: 25% off orders over $100.00

Etsy Shop:

Written by Judy of Wellspring Creations

Monday, May 3, 2010

{CP Photo of the Day}

We have been moving the last few weeks, so blogging time has been limited, but here is a shot I snapped the other night.


Thursday, April 29, 2010

Etsytwitter Shop of the week….

Shop of the Week: SouthPawStudios

Our EtsyTwitter Team Shop of the Week is South Paw Studios, which offers handcrafted jewelry by Toledo, Ohio artist Katy Mims. She not only makes necklaces, bracelets and earrings, but she has a unique bridal line. Her styles incorporate faceted gems, Venetian glass, pearls and precious metal. As she puts it, it "brings the jewelry to life."
Here is my interview with Katy!
Me: What do you want your customers to know most about your products?
Katy: I feel that I offer functional jewelry that you can wear everyday with jeans and a simple white t-shirt, yet you can wear it to a formal function if preferred. I don’t want my customer to seem pressed on the thought of “I love this necklace, but where am I going to wear it?” I want them to be more, “I love this necklace, and I can wear it with anything”. I want there to be “No Fuss”. Jewelry shouldn’t be complicated, it should be enjoyable. That is why I feel I create jewelry that is much more appealing and affordable to a wider range of woman, from the younger jewelry lover to the seasoned shopper.
Me: What inspires you to create?
Katy: I get inspiration from everything from a shower curtain, to sunsets. I know that sounds cliché, but really there are great color combinations in sunsets. I also get my muse from new supplies. I really have an addiction to beads and gems. I buy way to much stuff, but I just cant help myself. Having new supplies really keeps me excited to sit at my work bench for hours on end.
Me: What is your favorite thing about your craft?
Katy: This question is tricky, but when I sit down and think about it, one of my favorite things about my craft is it is very competitive, but that keeps me on my toes. I like a little friendly competition. With jewelry, I love that everyone can take part in this particular medium. It is a little piece of wearable art that you can take with you and wear with pride every day, to work or even the grocery store. It makes art become functional. I love that it is an appealing part of the art world that seems to be able to survive even in the hardest of times.
Me: What are your Twitter tricks of the trade?
Katy: I really don’t have time to log in and out of all the accounts I use online on a daily basis, so I use Facebook, primarily to twitter from. I used to use Tweetdeck, but it started to have some glitches a little while back, and I just couldn’t seem to find the right patch. I am sure it is fixed by now, but again, TIME! So anyways, I linked my Facebook fan page to my Twitter account and “whola” I get two birds with one stone (no birds were actual harmed in this sentence) and only have to type something once. I may not seem like much, but it is a time saver for me and works just great.
Me: What is one of your business resolutions for the New Year?
Katy: I really want to beat each month’s sales, compared to last years, and have my profit margin higher as well. To achieve this I feel a combo of getting more money per piece, and as well as tighten down on my expenses / cost of goods sold (COGS) will help me reach my 2010 business new year’s resolution.

This week, Katy is offering a special Etsy Twitter Team Shop of the Week Discount! 15% off all regularly priced items, now thru May 2nd. Enter code “Etsytwitter15” in message to seller during checkout. Discount will be refunded via Paypal.

ALSO: special promo item, these earrings will be on sale for only $7, regularly $16, no code necessary.

Etsy Shop



Main website
Bead website

Written by Judy

Thursday, April 15, 2010

GO GREEN WITH THE ETSY TWITTER TEAM! April 15-22, 2010 post title


I am please to announce that the Etsy Twitter Team is throwing an eco-party, and everyone is invited to celebrate Earth Day / Week!

From April 15-22, 2010, the Etsy Twitter authority for online and handmade products, will be offering a multitude of green handcrafted products, tips, and ideas at

Members of the Etsy Twitter Team will offer giveaway prizes, discounts and eco-friendly tips on ways to reduce, reuse and recycle in creating handmade items and shipping them.

Come back here to our team page: for participating shops/giveaway information every day from APRIL 15-22 for your chance to learn and win amazing eco- friendly prizes!

This Going green tip has been provide to you by Linda of LindaB142 shop on etsy!

Going green tips:

1. Recycle glass bottles by re-using them to hold pens, beads, buttons, or other craft supplies.

2. Use smaller bottles to make candles using a combination of old and new wax.

3. Recycle packaging materials that you receive by reusing bubble mailers, bubble wrap for your outgoing orders.

This week when you enter our giveaways please keep in mind the following-->

How to enter the giveaways:

~Please leave individual comments with a shop name and/or email address I can contact you if you win! Each entry counts as one entry and I will use a randomizer to pick the winner.

~Only 3 entry's per giveaway. (per person)

~Don't forget to come back and enter each one of our giveaways

1. Leave a comment on our blog at

2. Tweet our Event: “The Etsy Twitter Team is throwing an eco-party for Earth Day from April 15-22, 2010 #etsytwitter #gogreen” *

You also must put @etsytwitrteam so we can track it and/or a link with your comment.

3. Leave a recycling tip on our blog for another entry.

The winner will be chosen by and you have one week from the original post date to enter!

Good luck in Going Green!

Special thanks to Linda (LindaB142) for organizing this blog and giving us a beautiful way to help our earth.

Special thanks to Jessica (frostedtreats) for the beautiful job on our graphics for this event.

Posted by: ♥Jen

Monday, April 5, 2010

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Etsytwitter shop of the week…..

Meet Denise Montville of DeeJayPhotography, the Etsy Twitter Team’s Shop of the Week. Denise and her son work together to maintain a shop full of lovely photographs. They are available in several formats including bookmarks, cards, ACEOs and, of course, prints. When asked about her work, Denise says, “The world around me inspires me to create. I love looking at textures, shapes, colors, and nature and I usually regret the days I leave my house without my camera!” Browsing through the shop, this is immediately apparent, with the result that there is something for everybody. Their talented eye picks out the detail in an everyday scene and using unique angles, they turn the pretty and almost mundane into a unique and striking photo. Denise says “My son always sees things from different angles than I do” and the result is a broad spectrum of pleasing photography. When asked about her business goal this year, Denise laughed, “to try to shoot more photos and actually get them listed in my shop!”
Denise is a skilled Twittered. With over 1200 followers, she has found a balance between sharing her life and art with her Twitter friends and re-tweeting items that she feels would be of interest to her followers. This balance invites followers because she is interesting!

Follow Denise on:


DeeJayPhotography is celebrating one partner’s 17th birthday by offering a 17% discount. In addition, as Shop of the Week, they are offering free shipping this month (just wait for a revised PayPal invoice before paying for your purchase). International shipments can be accommodated, too. Just convo Denise first to request a shipping quote.

Written by Judy of Wellspring Creations on Etsy

{CP Photo of the Day}


Thursday, March 25, 2010

{CP Photo of the Day}

And the winner is…………….. H&H Racing!


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Monday, March 22, 2010

{CP Photo of the Day}

This one has such a nice texture, I thought I would share it. Can you guess what it is??



Friday, March 19, 2010

{CP Photo of the Day}

As of today I am going to start posting photos almost every day. I am sure there will be days that I cannot, because of time constraints, but I will try to make it every day:)


Today’s photo has some fun treatments applied to it.



Tuesday, February 23, 2010

{Seniors 2010}

We are now booking sessions for Seniors 2010. We offer portrait services for your senior portraits and graduation portraits.Visit our website for more details.


Etsytwitter Shop of the Week………

I love stepping into Sandy Simpson's shop, PunkyJane. She has amazing hand stamped and personalized sterling silver jewelry and gifts, but also works a bit in copper and fine silver. PunkyJane has been selling on Etsy since October 2008, and she does ship internationally. With over 500 sales on Etsy, Sandy feels that the most important thing for people to know about PunkyJane is "is that I truly enjoy working with customers to help create their vision. It's not all about MY design. Hopefully my work will be something they treasure for a very long time. I love a good challenge!"
As all of our team members here get the SOTW questions (our basic questions) Sandy has turned one of our questions into a fun twist. Here is how our conversation went...
Jen: "What are your Twitter tricks of the trade? "Sandy: "Say that 10 times fast!! I think being a part of the Etsy Twitter team has really taught me how to be a good tweeter. It's all about community. Sure, tweet when you list a new product or have a special sale, but I truly believe you'll have more success if people get a feeling for WHO you are, not just WHAT you do. And the nice thing is that it doesn't have to be too's only 140 characters after all!"(to tell you the truth Sandy and fellow readers I did say it 1oX fast-it was not pretty;)

PunkyJane's favorite thing about her craft is: "As a graphic designer, I always had my undo button. It saved me all the time! With stamping, there's a finality to it. I've had to completely change my thinking about how to create. It's taught me that perfection isn't possible, and for me, that's a great lesson to have learned."

Sandy's business resolutions for 2010 for her shop are as follows: "I resolve to become more efficient at the paperwork and communication parts of the business so I can focus on what keeps me going...being creative."

This week Sandy is offering the following sale to our readers:

Free standard shipping on everything in my shop now through February 25, 2010. Use 'TwitterSOTW' in the message to seller box at checkout and your shipping will be refunded via PayPal.

To learn more about Sandy's shop (aka PunkyJane)

please use these links and check out the other blogs here on our blog (ETT).

W E B ~~~>

B L O G ~~~>

F A C E B O O K : Become a fan! ~~~>

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

EtsyTwitter Shop of the Week……

Sweetwater Inspirations is the ETT shop of the week!

In Sweetwater Inspirations , owner and designer Wendy Hamilton offers her customers distinctive hand-crafted jewelry of exceptional quality and value. Within her shop you can find gifts for men, women, brides, and teens. You can see that in every piece that Wendy makes she takes pride and is very meticulous with her workmanship to ensure a special pieces for each of her customers. Please see her shop for international shipping details and convo her if you need more information.

Wendy admits that "I love to work with metal wire (sterling, copper, brass) and love the sparkle and unique qualities found in glass, stone, and semi-precious beads. I choose materials of quality and pride myself on representing my materials and jewelry with integrity. I purchase my materials in small quantities, so I sell limited production or one of a kind pieces."
She explained to me that her inspirations really are not much of inspiration as it is an "Addiction. Really, my inspiration is as uncontrived as seeing something new to 'play' with, the interplay of color, or the hypnotic affect of sparkly things. Although my husband groans at stepping into a bead or craft store, he has learned to bring his Blackberry for company and is really very patient when my head starts spinning with possibilities."
Although Wendy is new to Twitter and Etsy (opened on 1/5/09: Happy One Year!!) she would like to share what she has learned on Twitter: "I’ve tried to develop a following for my business by tweeting new items in my shop; but I also like the camaraderie of tweeting with other business owners. I think that Twitter and especially the Etsy Twitter Team offer a great way for business owners to connect and help support each other. It’s amazing how a kind tweet or re-tweet has the ability to open each business to a whole new network of people."
Since her store just celebrated its first anniversary on Etsy, Wendy has taken on the following resolution for 2010: "Last year I put a lot of time into learning about e-commerce and developing the software I needed to make my business end run efficiently. This year I am taking courses to hone and expand my metalworking skills and will put more of my time into design development and building my portfolio."
Good luck Wendy! We look forward to seeing your new metal work and designs in 2010!
From January 18th-24th Wendy is offering the following discount in her shop:

FREE US SHIPPING on all items in her Etsy shop
- PLUS a 10% discount on purchases totaling $50 or more* ·
Discount will be refunded to PayPal after payment or you may convo her before payment for a revised invoice. Texas residents - applicable purchase of $50 is calculated before sales tax. International shipping is not included in applicable minimum purchase and discount does not apply to shipping.

Wow! What a great idea to tell our DH and family members to do while we shop for the things we love the most! Thanks for the amazing tips Wendy about your shop and about your how you work on Twitter.
To learn more about Sweetwater Inspirations please visit Wendy's shop at:
Use the links below to follow Sweetwater's latest information:

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

{The “W” family}

We had a photo session with these families over the Christmas break.



{The beautiful miss “S”}


Here is a peek at one of the photo sessions we did last week. She is amazing!