Sunday, October 25, 2009

Animal photography now available…….

Whether you just love to see your pretty animals in print or need them photographed for shows or sale, you can count on the Constellation Photography team to capture your animals at their best.

Here are a couple puppies that will be going up for sale.

pup1 copy pup2 copy pup2a copy pup2a copy 2 pup3 copy pup5 copy pup6 copy pup6a copy pup6a copy 2 pup6b copy pup7 copy pup8 copy pup11 copy pup12 copy pup13 copy pup14 copy pup15 copy pup16a copy pup17 copy pup18 copy shi1 copy shi2 copy

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

{Fall Fishing}

We had fun this weekend playing in the leaves, water, and of course playing with worms! The kids did anyway. They love the wormies.

EtsyTwitter shop of the week………….

Unique Bead and Lace Necklace (Moss Green) - Recycled Vintage Chain, Beads and Lace, Handmade Felted Wool Beads in Shades of Green


Three Peats is this weeks SOTW and I just love this necklace! Read the whole interview here and you can even get a discount in her shop.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Fall Family Photo Session

The leaves are changing and the sun is golden and beautiful. It is one of my favorite times to photograph people and landscapes. We recently did a shoot with this cute little family.

LauraAlexFamily41a copy LauraAlexFamily4 copy 2 LauraAlexFamily5 copy LauraAlexFamily7 copy 2 LauraAlexFamily10 copy LauraAlexFamily11 copy 2 LauraAlexFamily12 copy LauraAlexFamily13 copy LauraAlexFamily25 copy LauraAlexFamily28 copy LauraAlexFamily31 copy LauraAlexFamily32a copy LauraAlexFamily36a copy


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